International Training Center (ITC) would like to invite you to share your organization’s information by ‘fill in the blank’ OR ‘check the category’ that best describes you organization below.

1.Please check the category that best describes your organization:
2. Approximately, what year did your organization established
3. Please describe the objectives OR the main roles of your organization
4. If anyone would like to contact your organization, please identify
5. Please kindly recommend us the others organization in your country
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II. HIV Issues
6. Which services regarding to HIV does your organization offer (Choose all that apply)
7. Following the list in item 6, the organization’s core activities in HIV field are
8. Please identify the main funding sources and type of funding
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III. HIV Training Courses
9. The following courses are currently offered by International Training Center (ITC), Department of Diseases Control. Please identify which course you or your staff would be interested. (Choose all that apply)
10. ITC would like to expand more topics of training. Please choose any (one or more) topics which you or your staff need. The following are course subjects and related subjects as an initial list. Kindly add any subjects under any existing subject(s) you think would be appropriated.
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Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your information are of vital importance to us. ITC looks forward to working with you to meet you in our training courses.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Admin at email

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